Project Profile

LOCATION: Gateway Shopping Centre

VALUE: $550,000



Burger Urge is Darwin’s most exciting new burger joints located within in the Gateway Precinct! The restaurant and entertainment strip are well under construction now and will become the premier entertainment hub for locals and tourists alike. Working in a shared communal space has its own set of unique challenges.

Entry is via a secure site access and requires the utmost care to protect the completed walkways, signage and the water features. All construction materials are kept orderly and out
of paths to allow continued access for other premises and patrons and secured at night within the confines of the shop.

There has never been a more challenging time for construction, but also, never more important. Keeping jobs throughout this pandemic and abiding to strict work health and safety
protocols has required the team to continuously innovate and problem solve, being creative and thoughtful in our work environment.

Our main focus was on our workers safety and also to keep on schedule for the client. Giving
the wider community a goal to look forward to once restrictions are lifted is a bonus we hope they appreciate. Using local trades and labour, the quality of construction is always high – this is their back yard and they want to be proud of the end results too.

Locally sourced materials also ensure the value and quality of the products withstand the harsh Territory conditions adding value for money for the clients in the long term.
Burger Urge is moody and elegant in it’s appearance with a vibe that the whole family will love.

From the waterfalls jetting sky high outside to the nets and ambient lighting strung low over the custom bar – this is truly an exciting venue that will keep the locals coming back time and time again. Unique panels with custom artwork surround a golden submarine and underwater life-sized antique diver are some of the amazing decorations that set this premises apart. At the door you are greeted by a pirate who is more then welcome for a selfie as you check in and wait for a table.

Choose from banquette seating or an informal bar set up as you take in the views both inside and out. Details bring this shop to life, from the decorative to the functional, everything you see has been done with purpose to create a final mood. Come and explore the Burger
Urge and see it for yourself and enjoy a guilt free dinner knowing that the locals worked hard to bring this together in truly unique and challenging times – cheers to that.