Retail Project

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WA - 820SQM


SA - 715SQM








VALUE: $1.5M



Miele is a global brand synonymous with luxury; high end appliances that maximise function within the home and business with a sleek aesthetic that seamlessly blends into your lifestyle. Working with one of the leading brands in electronics that has an overseas headquarters for procurement meant this was no small task – this required plenty of hands on attention to detail and working to a tight deadline to accomplish a smooth handover for this leading company. No detail could be overlooked, the standards of this build would have to be impeccable to impress this highly accomplished brand.

The idea behind this build was to reinforce the Miele brand with a bold and exciting shop front that would allow customers a hands on purchasing experience with the ability to not only see in real time how the appliances feel and work; but to infuse the brand loyalty that ensures repeat business for this client.

This showroom is WOW in every aspect. More then a display of stovetops and ovens; the displays are built to replicate a luxury kitchen to allow customers to visualise this in their very own home or office space. The whole showroom is fitted out with high end cabinetry and directional feature lighting that show off each aspect of the showroom leading customers from one area of the home to the next allowing them the option to fit out an entire home with Miele appliances. Each display has an array of sleek aesthetics to showcase the brands identity; for example in the kitchen section the rangehood flus are fitted into the gyprock framework just as you would see it in the home. In the laundry room, the washing machines are neatly tucked under stone counters allowing you to truly visualise the product.

Simple elegant seating allows for small meetings within the showroom area, there are backlit display shelves for products along the walls as well. Behind the sleek exterior of this build is the nuts and bolts of electrical wiring, A/C ducted units overhead and the choice of feature lighting and materials that would enhance this already iconic brand and represent it in a way that would appeal to clients. The team at Asset Construction have created two of these shop front one in Perth and the other in Adelaide using local trades and sourced materials along with the brands own style guide and selection of products.