Boab Design Office

"Asset Construction displayed a strong commitment to the successful completion of our building in a very tight time frame. Jeremy and Dad and their team are extremely professional and we  found them to be as invested in out time and budget goals as we were. 

They had an eye for detail and assisted us with keeping the project on track."

Brett Jacobs, Managing Director

“Asset Construction provided us with a complete construction service. We handed the entire project over with confidence.”



“Well, I’m not ‘satisfied’ – I LOVE my new shop premises!”


Attitude For Men

"Asset Construction did an exemplary job on this building, I am especially grateful for the care taken to research and source the perfect products, sub-contractors and suppliers, which make the finished building so special. The extra attention required to meet my impossibly high expectations would doubtlessly have caused more than a little stress.

This has been the biggest, riskiest thing I have ever undertaken in my business life, and I applaud the team at Asset Construction for bringing my dream to life, with professionalism, care and decency. The expectations of the entire City have been exceeded by this project, and I am sure the members of the Master Builders Association will join me, and all who come in to inspect my new Emporium, in congratulating Jeremy and Daniel on a job well done."

 Darlene Chin, Owner