Retail Project

Project Profile


VALUE: $150,000



Working within an existing building, the old premises was boarded up for safety of the patrons who bustle along shopping in this busy retail complex. Being a large corner shop, the façade wraps around and down a sloping ramp, all things to take into consideration with this build.

Encasing the front of the shop in matt black for dramatic effect, then lit with a rainbow of neon lighting strips along the external corner and along the backwall of the shop really give the space a modern and vibrancy that matches the companies brand image.

Inside the shop, white tiled flooring and approx. 100 downlights help to light up the interior and show off the vibrant displays of cosmetics; from the lippy through to the eyeliner and everything in between. Dotted throughout the shop are free standing banquettes of cosmetics with built in storage and seating options with power point connections on the sides so the staff can preform their consultations and along the backwall are three floor to ceiling mirrors with built in seating and storage perfect for customers.

Working in tandem with the MAC brand core values of innovation and being trend setting, the shop front really meshes with those ideals. Being socially responsible, the team at Asset used all local trades to complete the works,  supporting quality craftsmanship and bringing a modern business to the community.