Marrara Christian College Music Room


Project Profile







LOCATION: Amy Johnson Ave, Marrara

VALUE: $400,000



Music within a school environment has so many benefits for children; ranging from improved score results, pattern recognition, increased coordination, building imagination and creativity and a higher self-coincidence. The Marrara Christian School is leading the way with a new facility for it’s pupils to explore a range of musical instruments and learn in a class room style setting with their peers.

Recently refurbished from the team at Asset Construction, the retrofit facilities include a stage at the front of the class room with built in acoustics and sound proofing for the neighbouring class rooms. Carpeted flooring is hard wearing and ideal for heavy and the same colour combinations are used for continuity throughout reflecting the tones of blues, blacks and greys.

Back from the stage are runs of tables with chairs for the students to learn the principals of music before either having a live demonstration or enjoying a performance from a mentor. In a near by sounds proof room filled with acoustic panelling and walls is a full band set up for rehearsals with a heavy glass window allowing viewing prior to entry. Overhead are acoustic batons around the cassette A/C unit to help with the noise flow.

Storage is always key, so adding in a low line bank of cupboards with cubes shelving and draws is a great asset for the room and allows the storage of the keyboard on top. A peg wall is a unique way to hang and organise the cabling for the different instruments and have them clearly labelled and easy to find in a fun and functional fashion.

This fit out was able to be done by the team at Asset by working outside of school hours or within tight parameters so as not to disrupt nearby class rooms. Holding Ochre cards, Jeromy and the team are able to be on site and supervise the work to make sure this collaborative effort was finish on time and on budget. We hope the kids love it.