Nene Chicken


Project Profile







LOCATION: Casuarina Shopping Centre

VALUE: $300k



NeNe Chicken is a Korean food outlet that has recently commenced service in the busy food court at Casuarina. Offering a fast dining experience for their customers, they also offer catering and after hours dining options. Asset Construction was tasked with the almost impossible brief of creating an authentic feeling restaurant house in the heart of Casuarinas bustling food court without disrupting other diners or businesses during the construction faze. Coordinating trades, supplies and equipment into a small and secure workspace requires exceptional time management and preplanning so that this job could be completed on time and on budget.

At the front of the store is a paved looked flooring underfoot that gives the impression of walking down a lane in Korean whilst panels of timber slats that gives this frontage an authentic feeling. TV’s are mounted overhead to display meal opens and products whilst there is a self-serve kiosk mounted on the front wall as well with a shelving area for easy customer experience.

Timber panelled walls with a splash of greenery over banquette seating creating an inviting space to dine that is also easy clean and hygienic for multiple uses.

Dual access with a glass door at street level finished with custom branded sign writing for an after hours dining option along with 24 hour marketing is a great option for the front of this business.

The servery counter is a feature to the premises with timber slats hugging the frontage playing nicely off the stark white tiles that line the back wall and overhead fridges hung along the kitchen area to keep the bench space clear for maximum utilisation. Of course the premises is completely wired with LED downlights and a ducted AC unit to create an inviting comfortable space to dine.