Service M8 Headquarters


Project Profile








VALUE: $500,000

COMPLETION DATE: November 2019


ServiceM8 might not be a name that you are familiar with – but as one of the top performing online booking software tools used by local and worldwide business, serviceM8 is a thriving company that has its grass roots right here in the Territory. Established by a local family who turned their own booking software nightmares as a small business themselves from a dream into a fully fledged software program that now operates around the globe. So, what does the office of a dynamic global office based in Darwin look like – that was the task of Asset Construction – to implement a gorgeous new head office right here in the tropics that would reflect the companies high end image and merge it with the laid back lifestyle that Darwin is synonymous for.

The team at Asset had to be mindful of the other business and residential dwellings nearby making sure they worked within EPA guidelines and minimised noise and disruptions which also included using traffic control whilst the cranes and other machinery was in use.

The theme of this office revolved around the high end look that would appeal to a worldwide market, using black as a primary colour throughout to enhance all of the timber features that run in dramatic angles throughout the property. Glass and black steel framework give an industrial modern vibe while the use of the timber adds those Territory touches and a warmth that is appealing. Sleek and modern with circular lighting strung low overhead in the reception area is a grand front entrance to the office.

The property includes a soundproof meeting room with sliding doors and acoustic panels to create the ultimate private setting. Strategic frosted glass panels also create privacy throughout the office space. Asset team oversaw a lot of glazing works with extensive use of glass throughout the premises, there are gorgeous stonework features along with the cabinetry built in for storage and display along with all of the timber features hand cut for the thousands of angles that zig zag across the ceiling.