Silk Laser Clinics


Project Profile







LOCATION: 5 locations across WA & SA

VALUE: $800,000

COMPLETION DATE: February 2019


Easily one of the most recognisable names in beauty and health with a line of stores around Australia in most major shopping outlets, this brand is one that stands out for it’s sleek modern feel that is simple, yet elegant with high end touches that appeal to its clientele.

More then just a shop front, this is a medical facility and as such, has a host of standards that need to be met for this business to be operational. Each of the consult rooms has to be outfitted with a sink and proper ventilation along with the appropriate safety devices in case of fire and of course must be hygienic and easily sterilised between use. All of this plays into the design that Asset Construction works towards when delivering on a functional and appealing workspace.

At the front is a gorgeous sleek shop front with reception counter and plenty of back lit display shelving hosting all of their available beauty products and promotional stock. A waiting room has a plumbed sink with built in storage and seating area for the clients as they await their appointment. Overhead are downlights and A/C units seamlessly flush with the ceiling overhead, blend in to this almost white out aesthetic.

Down the corridors, tiled flooring is easy clean, hygienic and hard wearing. Gold tones play off the white walls and doors with ventilation panels lead into the separate consult rooms. The team at Asset worked on 5 of these premises around Australia within leading shopping outlets. Security measures are set up to ensure that both the premises is secure and also for the safety of shoppers, timeframes and strict work schedules had to be adhered to for the completion of this retailer.